Single Product page

General information on how to create different types of products are located in the WooCommerce documentation.

You can modify a single product page using the Main Theme Options. Note that each product has its own settings.

8theme Product Options

Product Layout - Select this if you want a page layout that is different from the one you selected in Theme Options > E-Commerce > Single product page.

Additional Custom Block - Use Static Blocks to show additional information for your product. It will be displayed below the product tabs.

Disable Sidebar - Use this option if you enabled Sidebar in Theme Options, but it is not needed for all products.

Disable thumbnail gallery - Use this option if you enabled Gallery Slider in Theme Options, but it is not needed for all products.

Size guide images - This option allows you to upload the size guide for a product.

Primary category - If your product has a number of product categories, and you don't want to show them all on the Frontend, use this option to choose the primary category.


If you are selling branded products and want to show the brand image on a single product page, use XStore’s Brands feature.

To create Brands go to Products > Brands > Add new.

Then, edit the product and choose it in the Brands section. 

Find more settings of Brands in Theme Options > WooCommerce > Shop elements > Brands:

Single Product Builders

There are two builders that can be used to create a product page layout from scratch or from pre-created templates.

Theme Options > WooCommerce (Shop) > Single Product Builder.
XStore Builders > Single Product.
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