How to speed up my website

General site speed depends on many factors. Below you’ll find the main of them:

Plugins. When you have multiple plugins installed and activated on your site, it can slow it down. So, please, keep enabled only those plugins that you really need for the correct functioning of your site and disable all the plugins that you don’t use. The more plugins you use, the slower it will be.

Caching. The most important part of optimizing your site is caching. Combine cached page with gzip compression to get better results. We recommend using W3 Total Cache. Read the beginners guide to setting up W3 Total Cache plugin. Also, a very good plugin is WP Rocket, but it’s paid.

Images. Use optimized images only otherwise you will have big images and a slow loading time. Do not upload larger images than what is needed. When you use an image editing tool like Photoshop don’t save images without using the option “Save For Web”. 

There are different ways on how to compress images. Use special services or WordPress plugins to optimize your images for decreased loading times:,,, EWWW Image Optimizer, Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin.

Server/Hosting. Sometimes slow speed can be a result of your hosting service. If you have checked the above items and the site is still slow, most likely it is a server/hosting issue. Contact your host and discuss it with them. Because even with the default WP theme site speed could be slow.

Also, you can find information about our Speed Optimization options here.

Elementor plugin documentation.

In case you need professional help with site optimization you may contact the customization team because unfortunately, that is outside the scope of our basic support scope.

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