Cookies, GDPR Policy in XStore WordPress Theme

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals. It provides a legal framework for keeping everyone's personal data safe by requiring companies to have robust processes in place for handling and storing personal information.

Some XStore Theme Options add custom cookies that must be mentioned in the security policy (GDPR) of your site.


If the option is always off and never turned on, a cookie will not be created.

A cookie is an information that a website puts on a user's computer. Cookies store limited information from a web browser session on a given website that can then be retrieved in the future. They are also sometimes referred to as browser cookies, web cookies or internet cookies.

List of terms:

1. named - name of the cookie

2. purpose - description of the cookie

3. option_related - option that add cookie

4. expiry - time long save cookie in user side


«by default» - mean default value given by theme. It can be changed by Theme Option or custom filters/ or another type of customization.


Cookie does not delete exactly after disabling the option. It will delete after expiry time will end.

List of cookies:

1. named: age_verify_popup_shows

2. purpose: Keep success value of age verify popup

3. expiry: 1 day by default

4. option_related: Customizer → Age Verify Popup → Enable Age verify Popup

1. named: et_promo_text_show

2. purpose: Keep closed forever value of promo text element in header

3. expiry: 1 day by default

4. option_related: Customizer → Header Builder → Promo text → Close forever

1. named: newsletter_shows

2. purpose: Keep closed forever value of newsletter popup element in header

3. expiry: 1 day by default

4. option_related: Customizer → Header Builder → Newsletter → Close forever

1. named: et_search_history

2. purpose: Store user search requests

3. expiry: 5 days by default

4. option_related: Customizer → Header builder → Sesrch → Ajax Search History

Above are all the details about how you can set the cookies in XStore Theme Options.

Now, Where to find Google cookies Analytics.

The analytics cookies are set as soon as a user loads your web page in the browser. In order to view the analytics cookies simply follow the below steps:

1. Open a web page that contains a universal analytics tracking code.

2. Simply click on the Chrome menu button at the browser toolbar then select settings.

3. Open the Privacy and Security

4. Click on the content settings button.

5. Click on the site settings and then click on the cookies button.

6. Search for the domain name whose web page you visited.

You will now see the various cookies on the website.