Translation with WPML

General setup

Since XStore is WPML compatible theme, you can translate a template to a language of your choice. You will need to purchase a recent version of  WPML, including the String Translation module.

Follow the  Getting Started Guide after installing the core WPML plugins.

During the configuration process, the setup wizard allows you to choose between the  Translate Everything Automatically or Translate What You Choose mode. So, you can choose either to translate your entire site automatically or have more control over what, when, and how you translate the site content. 

From the Translation Management Dashboard, it is now possible to send posts, pages, and custom post types for automatic translation in bulk. Users who select the Translate What You Choose mode can simply go to the Translation Management Dashboard and select if they want to translate multiple posts and pages automatically. This makes the process quicker, and eliminates the need to open each post or page in the Advanced Translation Editor. Of course, users can still choose to translate by themselves, or with the help of a translator/professional translation service.

Translating Projects, Static Blocks, and Testimonials

To translate the custom post types and taxonomies (static blocks, projects, testimonials), go to WPML > Settings. Select Multilingual Content Setup.

Navigate to Custom Posts where you can choose the translations for Projects, Static Blocks, Testimonials.

Navigate to  Taxonomies Translation to choose the translations for Brands Portfolio and Testimonials Categories.

Email Builder translation with WPML

You need to allow translation for Email builder templates -> 

Once you enabled it you will have next possibilities on Email builder templates 


String Translation

To initiate translation, go to  WPML > Theme and Plugin Localization. Click on Scan the theme for strings. You will see the theme strings and which ones are translated. Then select WPML > String translation and a list of the strings in the theme will be available. Choose the string you need to translate and select the translation link to add translations to languages.

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