Envato Item Support Policy: We provide theme support for 6 months from the date of purchase. During these 6 months, we will assist those who may need additional information about the theme's options and features, or are having unresolved difficulties with the template. Our support team is always at your service. Note: We are unable to provide support for code customization or third-party plugins! 

If you need advice about anything other than minor template customization, or if you wish to implement new functions, or make the theme compatible with third-party plugins,   you should request the help of a developer. You have the option of purchasing extended item support and increase the  support period up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase. You can find detailed information on ThemeForest.

If you require help in this regard, we would prefer that you contact us through our Support Forum:

  • Create an account or login to existing one;
  • Be sure you add the theme purchase code on the My Account page for (information about what purchase code is, and where to get it, click here). Theme support is offered to verified customers only.
  • Navigate to the theme forum and press the Create Topic button.

We would appreciate it if you use ThemeForest comments for presale requests only, or if you have questions that are not related to support. If you have a critical problem that requires giving us access to your account, you can contact us by using a contact form on our profile`s page on Themeforest - at the bottom of the right sidebar.

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