Base translation

Included Language Files

Before starting your own translation you may check pre-created language files of the XStore theme. All these files have been contributed by our users that's why the amount of translated strings might vary.

We maintain translations at our project on GlotPress. To download and install the translation on your website you need to perform the following actions:

Select theme or plugin

Select your language from the list and click on its name

Find the “Export” button at the end of the page and select “Portable Object Message Catalog (.po/.pot)” next to the button

Click on the “Export” button and download the “.po” file.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> General and switch the language to the one you want to translate your website (if it hasn’t been done yet).

Rename downloaded file, for example, for XStore theme: xstore-nl_NL.po, and xstore-core-nl_NL.po for XStore Core plugin (WooCommerce site will help you find correct language code).

Upload files (via FTP or using Loco Translate plugin) to /wp-content/languages/themes/ folder, and /wp-content/languages/plugins folder (this is System location for theme and plugin translations).

Do not forget to Sync the translation.

After completing these actions, you can continue translating any untranslated strings.

Please note that you only need to translate the strings that are visible on the frontend; it is not necessary to manually translate everything to 100%. However, if you do complete a full translation, we would appreciate it if you could share it with us so that we can make it available to other customers.

Translation from scratch using the Loco Translate plugin

Go to  Plugins > Add new > Install and activate the Loco Translate plugin

Theme Translation

Go to  Loco Translate > Themes > select XStore theme. Press "Add new language". Translate strings and Save.

XStore Core Plugin Translation

Go to   Loco Translate > Plugins  > select the XStore Core plugin. Press "Add new language" the same way as you did for the theme translation. Translate the necessary strings and Save.

Note: If you face problems with translation, you need to be sure that your translation files are synchronized.
Button Sync (Loco Translate plugin) allows synchronizing your translation file with .pot file. Then you will be able to translate untranslated strings.
If this doesn’t help, contact our support team.

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