How to enable Header Overlap

The XStore Header Overlap option is typically utilized for creating a transparent header on pages that feature a full-screen slider or a large image, such as on the front page.

You may activate the feature for both Desktop and Mobile devices by navigating to XStore > Theme Options > Header Builder > Header Overlap & Transparent.

Remember to change the background color in the header area settings to transparent

We would like to inform you that if you wish to implement a header featuring an overlapping and transparent effect on select pages, you may do so by utilizing the Multiple Headers options. For your convenience, we have included an image as an attachment to this message to serve as a visual reference.

Please be informed that one header will serve as the standard default across all pages. Additionally, a distinct header featuring an overlap function will be specifically configured for the Home page, with the condition set to 'Front-page'.

The "Header Overlap" feature of XStore allows you to enhance the visual attractiveness of your website. Utilize the straightforward configuration and personalization options offered by XStore to design a site that is not only contemporary in appearance but also captivates your audience efficiently.

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