Elementor Products Grid/List Hooks

after_etheme_product_grid_list_product_element_title: this hook can be utilized to output custom shortcodes, HTML, or code following the product titles.

For instance:

add_action('after_etheme_product_grid_list_product_element_title', 'n2t_etheme_woocommerce_template_single_title', 10);
	function n2t_etheme_woocommerce_template_single_title(){
	echo 'after product titles';

etheme_product_grid_list_product_hover_element_render: using this hook, we can display custom shortcode, HTML, or code within the hover content.

add_action('etheme_product_grid_list_product_hover_element_render', 'n2t_etheme_product_grid_list_product_hover_element_render', 10);
	function n2t_etheme_product_grid_list_product_hover_element_render(){
	echo 'product hover element render';

These two hooks are very helpful for integrating with third-party plugins.

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