Email Builder translation

Once you activate the Email Builder through the XStore Control panel, you will have access to a list of pre-designed templates.

When you need to translate website content from the default English language to your own language for a monolingual site and wish to translate Email Builder templates, you should directly edit their content.

If you wish to send different email templates to customers from various countries, you can use the "Apply to billing countries" option located in the rules section on the right side of the email template

Create multiple templates and then customize the email content in the respective languages of those countries. Afterward, you can set the templates to be sent to customers in the countries that use those languages.

For instance, an email template in Hungarian will be designated for customers with billing addresses in Hungary, while a Slovak email template will be used for Slovakia.

You also have the option to export/import the entire template, which allows you to edit the content as needed.

If you are creating a multilingual website, we have introduced compatibility for the XStore Email Builder with the WPML plugin starting from theme version 8.1.1.

To translate Email Builder templates using WPML, please follow these instructions:

Enable translation for Email Builder templates by navigating to WPML > Settings > Multilingual Content Setup > Post Types Translation. Here is a screenshot for reference:

Once enabled, you will have the following options available for Email Builder templates:

Create translations for Email Builder templates in various languages using your preferred XStore and WPML.

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