XStore Footer Builder with Elementor

In the ever-evolving landscape of web design, the XStore Theme has emerged as a beacon of versatility and user-friendliness. Among its many impressive features, the XStore Footer Builder stands out, enabling users to effortlessly create custom footers using the powerful capabilities of Elementor page builder plugins. Whether you're using the free (PRO Elements) or premium version of Elementor plugin, the XStore Footer Builder seamlessly integrates, providing a streamlined and intuitive customization experience.

Getting Started

To embark on the journey of crafting a distinctive footer, navigate to XStore Builders, select Footer Builder, and enter the builder interface. Clicking Add New presents a variety of pre-built footer templates for your convenience. Before insertion, users can preview each template, ensuring a perfect fit for their website's aesthetic.

Editing with Elementor

Once a suitable template is chosen, clicking the Insert button seamlessly integrates it into your site. Subsequent customization becomes a breeze with Elementor's intuitive interface. Enter the Edit section of the Footer to access a plethora of settings, categorized into Layout, Style, and Advanced options.

Layout Customization:

In the Layout section, redefine the structure of your footer. Adjust content width (Boxed or Full width), column gaps, and additional parameters such as height, vertical alignment, and overflow settings to achieve the desired layout.

Style Configuration:

Move on to the Style section to transform the visual appeal of your footer. Tailor background elements with options for color, image, image resolution, and position. Enhance the aesthetic further with settings for border overlay, borders, shape dividers, and typography.

Advanced Features:

Explore the Advanced section to fine-tune the footer's behavior. Utilize XStore Conditions to specify where the footer should be displayed or hidden. Responsive settings allow precise control over footer visibility on various devices, including mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Other advanced features include attributes, custom CSS, and motion effects, providing a high degree of customization.

Content Management:

Easily manage footer content by clicking on the content section, granting access to settings on the left sidebar. This user-friendly interface enables swift changes to the content without any hassle.


Once satisfied with the customizations, click the Publish button. In the Publish Settings, define conditions for footer display, choosing between the entire site or specific pages. Confirm your choices by clicking "Save & Close."


The XStore Theme's Footer Builder, in collaboration with Elementor, offers a powerful and accessible tool for crafting unique footers. The flexibility provided in layout, style, and advanced settings ensures that every website can have a tailor-made footer, contributing to a seamless and professional online presence. Dive into the world of XStore Theme to explore these amazing features and effortlessly elevate your website's design.

Dedicated Support System:

Should you have any inquiries or concerns, users can depend on the dedicated support team at 8Theme. The support experts are available through the XStore WordPress Support Forum, ready to assist users in realizing the full potential of their online stores. With a comprehensive support system in place, users can ensure a seamless and productive experience while harnessing the complete capabilities of XStore's innovative features. Explore the possibilities and revolutionize your WooCommerce store with the XStore Footer Builder powered by Elementor.

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