Instagram API (token)

XStore 9.2.1 introduces a tokenized integration method, designed to facilitate the transition from Instagram Graph API to Instagram Basic Display. This innovative approach utilizes tokens instead of relying on a dedicated app for integration. This change has been implemented in response to ongoing adjustments and reviews on META's side. By employing tokens, the integration becomes less reliant on a specific app, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected issues or downtime resulting from changes or updates to the app. This ensures a more robust and dependable integration.

To guide you through this transition, we've outlined a straightforward process to create an Instagram access token in just several simple steps. These steps involve leveraging your Instagram account and the resources provided by Facebook Developers. You will be instructed on how to create an app on the Facebook Developer platform, configure Instagram Basic Display, and generate your Instagram access token.

Initially, transitioning to a token-based connection may appear somewhat daunting, but there's no need to be apprehensive. Once you become familiar with the process, you'll discover that tokenized integration is a user-friendly and efficient solution.

Step 1: Login and add a New App on Facebook Developers

Meta for Developers

After logging in, click the "My Apps" button as shown in the screenshot.

On the open page, click "Create App."

Upon clicking this button, you'll encounter a prompt to specify the intended function of your application. This choice dictates the permissions your app will need. For this scenario, opt for the 'None' alternative, as indicated below. Then, proceed by selecting the next button.

Following that, furnish a title for your application within the 'Add an app name' text box. Include your email address and choose a Business Manager if applicable. Once you've completed these steps, conclude by selecting the 'Create App' button.

Hooray! You've effectively established a brand new application within Facebook Developers. The next step involves configuring the Instagram Basic Display API, enabling your app to access details from your Instagram account, including profile information, photos, and videos. Continue to the subsequent stage to acquire guidance on configuring Instagram Basic Display.

Step 2: Configure Instagram Basic Display

You will be directed to the 'Basic Display' page. Scroll down to locate the 'Create New App' button. Click on this button and proceed to input the name of the application you previously generated.

Navigate to the app settings, specifically the 'Basic' section, and include a new platform.

Select the "Website" platform

And type the address of your site

Go back to Instagram Basic Display -> Basic Display, and click "Create New App"

Within the pop-up, provide the app's display name, and ultimately, generate the application.

Step 3: Generate Your Instagram Access Token

Include the Instagram username for the individual you wish to designate as your tester. If your intention is to share your personal photos and videos, you can conveniently input your own Instagram username to authorize access to your account. In popup, select the "Instagram Tester" and enter the username

Afterward, log in to the Instagram account you mentioned earlier, click on 'More' -> 'Settings' -> 'Apps and Websites' -> 'Tester Invites,' and then click 'Accept.'

After that, return to the META admin panel. In the 'Instagram Basic Display' tab, access 'Basic Display,' and click on "Generate Token."

In the opened popup, select the Instagram account that you assigned as a tester. Otherwise, you will encounter the following error.

If the account was specified correctly, a consent form will be presented to you. Agree to the following terms

Afterward, copy the code that you receive.

Step 4: Entering the token into the XStore admin panel.

Log in to the WordPress admin panel and navigate to the XStore panel -> API Integrations -> Instagram Accounts. Paste the code you received earlier into the "Enter a valid Instagram access token" field and click the "Connect" button.

After this, you can select your Instagram user in the settings of elements and widgets on your website.

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