Age Verification Popup: Setup and Configuration Guide

XStore theme, known for its versatile and user-friendly design options, now offers an exciting new feature called the Age Verify Popup. This customizable tool is designed to cater to websites that deal with age-restricted content such as alcohol, tobacco, or other similar products and services. With the Age Verify Popup, website owners can ensure that their users verify their age before accessing the content, thereby complying with legal requirements and promoting responsible usage.

Enabling the Age Verify Popup feature in XStore is incredibly simple. All you need to do is navigate to the Theme Options section and locate the Age Verify Popup settings. Once there, you can toggle the "Enable Age Verify Popup" option to ON, and the feature will be activated on your website.

For developers and website owners who wish to test the Age Verify Popup before deploying it live, XStore provides a convenient Developer Mode. By enabling Developer Mode, the popup will be displayed on every page load, allowing you to thoroughly test its functionality. It's worth noting that this mode is intended for testing purposes only and should not be used in a live production environment.

Let's take a closer look at the configuration options available for the Age Verify Popup:

Title Text: Customize the text that appears as the title of the popup. This allows you to create a personalized message that suits your website's branding and style.

Content: This option provides the flexibility to write your own custom HTML using the available tags in the editor's top bar. However, it's important to note that not all HTML tags and element attributes can be utilized due to safety reasons imposed by the Theme Options.

Agree Button Text: Define the text that will be displayed on the button users click to confirm their age. Tailoring this text ensures that it aligns with your website's tone and message.

Deny Button Text: Similarly, customize the text for the button users click if they wish to deny age verification. This allows for a seamless user experience and provides alternative options for users who may not meet the age requirements.

Additionally, the Age Verify Popup feature in XStore provides settings for error messages that may occur during the age verification process:

Error Title Text: Customize the title text displayed when an error occurs during the age verification process. This allows you to provide clear and informative error messages to users.

Error Content: Tailor the error message content to provide additional instructions or guidance for users encountering errors. This ensures that users have the necessary information to resolve any issues they may encounter during age verification.

The popup's style can also be customized to match your website's aesthetic:

Alignment: Choose the desired alignment for the Age Verify Popup. This option allows you to position the popup according to your website's layout and design.

Background Color: Define the background color of the Age Verify Popup to match your website's color scheme or create a visually appealing contrast.

Background Image: If you prefer to use an image as the background for the popup, XStore's Age Verify Popup feature allows you to upload a background image that complements your website's visual identity.

With these comprehensive configuration options, XStore's Age Verify Popup feature provides website owners with a convenient solution for ensuring age compliance and responsible access to age-restricted content.

While XStore's Age Verify Popup feature offers a user-friendly interface for managing age verification, website owners should always consult legal guidelines and regulations to ensure full compliance with age restrictions in their respective jurisdictions.

In conclusion, XStore's Age Verify Popup is a powerful addition to the theme's feature set, empowering website owners to implement age verification mechanisms seamlessly. By utilizing this feature, businesses can enhance user experience, adhere to legal requirements, and promote responsible consumption of age-restricted.

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