XStore Newsletter popup

XStore theme, a popular WordPress theme known for its versatility and user-friendly features, offers a customizable Newsletter Popup feature.

To use the Newsletter Popup widget, navigate to XStore > Theme Options > Header Builder > Widget row > Add Newsletter widget in the Header content area as per your requirement or as shown in the image below:

Once you have added the Newsletter widget, you can review and configure all available settings to meet your needs and save the settings.

Please note that the popup works only after adding the Newsletter element into the header content area, but if you do not want to show the icon and "Newsletter" text, just disable them via settings (Show Label > Off, Icon - without), and set "Action" to "On delay".

You can use Static Block as popup content. This option allows you to easily add custom content to your website without needing to code. With this feature, you can add custom images, text, and multimedia content to any page on your website, helping you to create a unique and engaging user experience for your visitors as shown in the image below:

Here is an example of Newsletter popup content: 

In this case, the static block contains a form created using MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress plugin, read more.

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