How to setup Booster Sales: Quantity Discounts

Unlock the full potential of your store with our easy-to-use Booster Sales Quantity Discounts feature. Boost your sales and increase customer loyalty with dynamic pricing options. Upgrade your store's performance today with XStore theme. Learn how to set it up in our comprehensive tutorial.

The Xstore WordPress theme features "Quantity Discounts," which allows you to display quantity discounts on your single product pages. To utilize this feature, go to the Dashboard >> XSTORE >> Sales Booster >> Quantity Discounts, and activate it as illustrated in the image provided.

Once you enable the Quantity Discounts feature in Xstore WordPress, you will have the ability to customize its settings to suit your needs. This includes options such as the type of discount, discount rules, title, button icon, button text, quantity inputs, and the position of the feature on the product page. For more detailed instructions and visual examples, please refer to the images provided:

You can also enable and configure the feature for each product individually. To do this, go to the product's page in the WordPress dashboard, scroll down to the Sales Booster section, and enable and configure the Quantity Discounts feature there.

Try our Quantity Discounts feature now and see the difference it makes in your sales.

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