Boost your sales with XStore's Fake Sold Counter feature

XStore has a feature called Fake Sold Counter which allows you to display a fake sold counter on your single product page.

To use this feature, navigate to the Dashboard > XStore > Sales Booster > Product Sold Counter and turn it On, as shown in the image below:

Once you enable this feature, you will be able to configure its settings from the available options, such as message, show on shop/categories, hide for out of stock products, time period, minimum count, and maximum count. Please refer to the following screenshots for more information.

Once you have successfully set the settings as per your needs, simply save the settings and clear your browser cache. Then, check the single product page to see the results, as shown in the following screenshot:

This is how the "Fake Sold Counter" feature works.

We hope this information is helpful.

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