XStore Built in WooCommerce Email Builder

Our theme has a feature Built in WooCommerce Email Builder in which you can create your own email layouts. Check the below image:

Please note that when activating the builder, your standard WooCommerce emails will be overwritten with new ones. It allows you to revert back - just switch it off.

Once you enable it you can simply go to the email builder to build a layout for the emails.

By clicking on the “Go to Email builder” it will redirect you to all type of emails your site customer or user will receive from your site. Check the below image:

Now, from there simply edit the email you want to change the layout of it. It will let you to the builder like I am going to edit the “New Account” email. Here you will see a default layout:

As you can see from the above picture, the default content with text is already set and now I am going to change some information from it by using the widgets and options that the email builder of our theme provides. Check the below image:

After doing the above change let’s register on the site to check the registration email to confirm it’s working. Check the below image:

It’s working just perfectly.

Have a nice day.

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