XStore currency switcher

First of all, you have to install a plugin named WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Professional from the Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New see the below image:

Once you install it please activate it and then go to the plugin settings from the Dashboard >> WooCommerce >> Settings >> Currency now this is the place where you are going to set the currencies of your site. Have a look at the below screenshot.

Now, from there you can add multiple currencies by just clicking on the “+ Append Currency” you can also set the currency flag, show the cents in the currency, can change the “Design”, can use the slider version also. Please refer to the below image of each options that you might check and set them as per your need. If you didn’t set up anything no need to worry the plugin works fine by just adding the currencies in it.

Once you setup the settings you can add this in the page sidebar by adding the plugin widget as you can see in the image below:

Here is the result of the page in which the currency switcher appears and works just fine with our theme:

You can also check the plugin FAQ in the Help tab from the plugin settings.

Further here is the total guide video of the plugin settings and the result for better reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUoM9EHjnYs

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