White Label Branding plugin

White Label Branding plugin allows you to customize the XStore theme Control Panel, customizer styles, theme preview image with your personal branding according to your needs.

The plugin is suitable for developers who have many clients or for those who want to reflect their unique brands while creating websites. From now you don't need additional coding to personalize theme Control Panel and theme options. It saves both: time and money. 

Plugin settings involve adding the brand name of the control panel, logo, and specific graphics and content that identify and differentiate each client. It means removing the standard logo, graphics, and information that come with XStore theme and personalizing the website with clients’ content. 


Reselling of XStore theme is not allowed even after plugin using!

Plugin Installation

To install plugin go to XStore > Plugin Installer > find White Label Branding plugin and press the "Install" button.

Plugin options

Go to XStore > White Label Branding

Plugin includes 5 main tabs to control changes: Control Panel, Plugins data, Theme Options, Advanced, Import/Export.

Control panel

Using these settings you can control styles, logos and texts of the XStore Control panel.

Plugins data

Theme Options

Using these settings you can control styles, logos of the Theme Options in Customizer.


Using these settings you can control theme preview screenshot and add custom CSS.


Allows you to Reset your customization, export current White Label Branding plugin settings, import White Label Branding plugin settings from another site.

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