XStore Shortcodes

There are several shortcodes you can  use in XStore  posts and pages. 

  • [alert] insert the alert block with custom title and message;
  • [base_url] the path for WordPress folder;
  • [block id= " "] inserts the static block;
  • [blockquote] inserts the blockquote;
  • [button] inserts the button;
  • [dropcap] inserts the dropcap;
  • [googlechart] inserts the chart with assigned attributes;
  • [googlefont] shortcode to set google font for headings;
  • [checklist] inserts the unordered list. This should be done in a specific order;
  • [portfolio] inserts the Portfolio grid;
  • [qrcode] inserts the qrcode;
  • [share] inserts social icons (facebook, twitter, mail, pinterest, google+);
  • [template_url] defines the path for template folder;
  • [toggle_block][toggle] activates shortcodes to create block with toggles. Should be used in a specific order;

You can also use Visual Editor.